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Auto control warp wire feeding, high efficiency. Average speed: 80-100 spins/minute.
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What is your standard of wire checking?
We check the wire according to the national standard (GB5330-85) and our enterprise regulation about raw material defects and relative solution.

What is your standard of checking finished products?
We check quality of end products according to China National Standard GB/T17492-1998, equivalent ISO9044:1990, and our own standard.

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Started in 1984, AAA Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory is an affiliate of Hebei YingKaiMo Metal Net Co., Ltd. AAA is engaged in production of stainless steel wire mesh and wire cloth, stainless steel wire mesh discs, pieces and stainless steel filter elements. AAA has 200 employees, land area of 2.66 square meters, construction area of 17,000 square meters and total assets of over 80 million RMB. We have about 100 wire mesh machines including two most advanced hydraulic net flattening machines and more than 100 close partners processing for us. Our export value increases by the amount of 20 million RMB every year. At present, we are exporting to over 70 countries in Europe and America.

For over 20 years since our starting, AAA gives first priority to quality and service. We have introduced first-class wire mesh machine and technology from abroad. We installed ERP management software to collect and analysis enterprise information. AAA is a leader in local wire mesh industry to pass and adopt ISO9001 Quality System and ISO14001 Environment Management System. We try to provide products with more variety, good quality, reasonable price, timely delivery and reliable after sales services. It is the target of AAA people to meet customers’ requirements and to satisfy our customers.

Twenty years ago, Mr. Yan Xiangyang, founder of the company, started an undertaking with an independent courage. AAA has successfully gone through the stage of setting up, accumulation and development. At the same time, the factory itself has expanded into a big manufacturing enterprise from a small enterprise. The company is currently a brilliant star in China wire mesh industry.