Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filters
Reverse Dutch Wire Cloth
RGK Loom Features
Auto control warp wire feeding, high efficiency. Average speed: 80-100 spins/minute.
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What is your standard of wire checking?
We check the wire according to the national standard (GB5330-85) and our enterprise regulation about raw material defects and relative solution.

What is your standard of checking finished products?
We check quality of end products according to China National Standard GB/T17492-1998, equivalent ISO9044:1990, and our own standard.

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Message from President, Mr. Yan Xiangyang

Member of China National Screen & Sifting Standard Committee
Excellent Township Enterpriser
Vice President of Wire Mesh Chamber of Commerce
Vice Chairman of Enterprisers Association
Star of Good Works, Model of Universal Love

According to the historical document, Anping Fabrics used to be sifting material were sold far abroad at good benefit. On this land of Wire Mesh, the AAA people come together in pursuit of the same idea. They are honest, practical and enterprising. They are working for the development of wire mesh industry.
Over 20 years of ups and downs have taught AAA people the true value of market and enterprise. We will go on with our business policy of “Customer Centered and Market Oriented” to face the fierce competition. Our vision is “to be creditable, to be dedicated, to learn and to innovate”. We will continue our effort in producing better quality products and providing better services to customers.