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AAA Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.

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Since its operation in 1984, AAA Wire Mesh Co. has specialized in the production and export of stainless steel wire mesh. We manufacture the best quality and the most complete range of stainless steel wire mesh, including stainless steel square mesh and stainless steel wire mesh Dutch weave. Stainless steel wire mesh Dutch weave is divided into three types, plain Dutch weave, twill Dutch weave warp-fully-covered and warp-not-fully-covered.
We produce stainless steel square mesh with wire diameter from 3.15mm to 0.022mm, ranging from 1.38mesh to 540mesh. We provide stainless steel wire mesh plain Dutch weave from 7mesh X 40 mesh to 118 mesh x 740 mesh, wire diameter from 0.063X0.036mm to 0.90X0.71mm. For twill Dutch weave with warp -fully -covered, we offer from 20 mesh X 260 mesh to 500 mesh x 3500 mesh, wire diameter from 0.25x0.20mm to 0.025x0.015mm.
For wire mesh twill Dutch weave warp-not-fully-covered, we provide 120Mesh X 400 mesh to 325 mesh x 1900 mesh, wire diameter ranging from 0.10x0.071mm to 0.036x0.025mm. We also provide square mesh in other materials, such as phosphor bronze. Detail specifications, please refer to lists that follows.
We pay much attention to quality management as well as environmental management. In May, 2003, its Quality Management System is certified to meet ISO9001:2000 standard with Production and Sales of Metal Mesh; at almost the same time, its Environmental Management System is awarded the ISO14001 Certificate with The Whole Process of Production and Sales of Metal Mesh and Other Hardware Products.

Stainless steel wire mesh Dutch weave:

Metal square mesh:

Mainly stainless steel square mesh and phosphor bronze square mesh, used as sifting sieves. As there are so many specifications, we list them each in 6 tables according to mesh ranging.

We pay close attention to the up-to-date information of wire mesh weaving in China as we are always seeking new and better quality products. Sometimes we are the first to make the new specification, sometimes we find new weaving method to weave wire mesh with the same specification but better quality. Mr. Yan Xiangyang, General Manager of our company is also a leader for us in developing better wire mesh products. For his excellent achievement and rich experiences in stainless steel wire mesh research, he was invited by China National Quality & Technology Supervision Bureau to be member of China National Sieve and Sifting Method Standardization Technology Committee. We also have state-of-the-art weaving looms and strict quality control system to guarantee top quality. Our wire mesh products are now available in the U.S.A., the U.K., Germany, Japan and other countries.

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